TEAMeD are looking for photos of people with varying degrees of Thyroid Eye Disease for a national campaign to raise awareness.

TEAMeD (The Thyroid Eye Disease Amsterdam Declaration Implementation Group UK) was established in 2010 in response to The Amsterdam Declaration which pledged to improve care for people with thyroid eye disease (TED) and prevent TED in those at risk. The TEAMeD group has professional and patient representatives from 9 ophthalmology and endocrine organisations.

TEAMeD aims to shorten the time from symptom onset to diagnosis and appropriate treatment, to ensure that patients have access to a highly skilled and professional multidisciplinary team, including endocrinologists and ophthalmologists, regardless of where they live in the UK. We also aim to prevent TED through reducing risk factors such as smoking, radioiodine and poor endocrine control in those at risk.

TEAMeD have developed a care bundle that now needs to be implemented nationally and therefore we are developing advertising literature to raise awareness of TED amongst professionals and patients. We plan to create a poster, including photographs of individuals with varying degrees of TED (the eyes and tissue around the eyes will be shown, but not the whole face), which will be distributed to hospitals (to be put up in clinics), patient support groups (such as TEDct and BTF) and which will be used on the internet. If you wish to send a photograph for consideration, and consent to your photograph being used in this way, please send a high resolution jpg or pdf file to: together with your name (your details will not be included in the poster – only your photograph if it is selected).

Your involvement in our campaign to help raise awareness of TED is greatly appreciated