Meeting Information

Next Meeting

Every second Wednesday of the month. The next meeting will be on 14 June 2017 7pm to 9pm. New members please arrive at 6.30pm.

These meetings will be an opportunity for people to come together and share their experiences and support each other. It will also be an opportunity for people to feed back into local services through research. Visiting speakers will be invited to attend these or additional sessions according to identified need.

New members are requested to contact Michelle first to book onto a session. Michelle will be available from 6.30pm to meet and greet new members and answer individual questions, prior to the group meeting. 


The Old Library, Muller Road Eastville BS5 6XP



Christine Bowles from Bristol Oasis Talk will be giving an introductory session on Mindfulness to address the effects of stress on wellbeing.

Living with thyroid disease can cause episodes of depression and anxiety in some people. For other people the experience of thyroid-related fatigue or anxiety can worsen everyday life stresses such as coping with work, family, relationships or managing finances. Sometimes we need tools to help us to cope with the demands upon us.

Repeated or chronic stress can impair the ability of the whole body to function including the thyroid through the effects of stress upon neuroendocrine function.

Mindfulness is a meditation practice that aims to prevent and address the impact of stress upon the body and mind. Although it might not 'fix' your thyroid problem, midfulness meditation can remind us to experience the present moment, whilst calmly accepting our feelings, thoughts and physical symptoms; something we all neglect to do in our frantic lives; and in the search for better health.

Michelle will cover some research on stress and the impact on the body from 7-7.30pm;

Mindfulness session from 7.30-8.30pm.

Open discussion, connecting with others and refreshments 8.30-9 pm.

Family and friends welcome.


Contact or phone 07759 150727

Future Meetings

12 July 2017 Professor Colin Dayan will join us for a question and answer session on thyroid medications.

Updates about session content will be posted here nearer the time. Michelle will be happy to compile a list of questions for Professor Dayan. Please feel free to email your questions to

New members please arrive at 6.30 pm. Session with Professor Dayan from 7pm-8pm. Group free time and refreshments 8-9pm

9 August 2017 - programme tba


Past Meetings

April and May 2017

The first two meetings took place in a lovely setting called the Old Library on Muller Road. We have seven members of the group so far, with a mix of Grave's disease, Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism. We have initially come together to get to know each other and share our stories and experiences, and family members have also felt free to attend. During the second session, we briefly looked at some useful tools to map our symptoms and to consider their impact on our health, emotions and wider lives. Mapping symptoms can be a simple but effective way of seeing the whole picture of our health and communicating our experiences with others, including our healthcare providers. In the next group we hope to list some questions we feel are unanswered and use these to invite speakers to future sessions.