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Next Meeting

Wednesday 18 September 2019 - 7.30pm - 9.30pm. Doors will be open from 7.15pm.

Entrance is free, but donations to the Bistish Thyroid Foundation are welcome.


Harewood Village Hall, Church Lane, Harewood, Leeds LS17 9LJ


Dr Sam Pearson, Consultant Endocrinologist, who will discuss all things thyroid followed by a question and answer session.


For more information and to register please contact Caroline between 9.30am and 7pm.

Home: 0113 288 6393

Mobile: 07836 747730





Past Meetings

June 2019

Leeds local group for web

Ann, who is an ITEC qualified aromatherapist and reflexologist was a great speaker. She engaged, entertained and informed everyone about the value of using essential oils in aromatherapy for relieving stress and anxiety and also taught us how to do EFT - emotional freedom 'tapping'.

These Homeopathic oils were passed around the group until the room smelled like a florist shop! We certainly had some fun working out which ones we liked or didn't!

Frankincense and Myrrh is believed to have calming effects and it is often thought that good old Lavender can lead to a good night's sleep if a couple of drops are placed on either side of the pillow. There are remedies for everything so it would seem!

October 2018

                                                              Caroline Dr Hammond

We had a huge crowd in attendance for our meeting with Dr Peter Hammond. Attendees were welcomed with a cup of tea or coffee, cakes and biscuits. This gave people a chance to chat with other attendees as they enjoyed their refreshments. We had some regular attendee, but it was nice to see some new faces at the meeting.

Angela Court-Johnston (BTF Fundraiser) encouraged people to raise funds for the BTF to help continue the work of the BTF. Cheryl McMullan (BTF CEO) explained the work of the BTF  and their hopes for the future. Bethany (BTF Administrator) sold Christmas Cards, which raised a great deal of money, and gave out BTF literature. We appreciated staff at head office attending the meeting and for their support.

I told everyone how to take their thyroxin and later, Doctor Hammond also reaffirmed this during his talk. (Not taking milk - or calcium - after just having taken levothyroxine/taking it half an hour before breakfast with water/continuation of the brand that suits you best/not taking it with other medication that may interfere with the absorption of the Levothyroxine).

We didn't take up too much time as we realised that everyone was there to hear from Dr. Hammond. He received a massive round of applause before he began and, an even louder one when he finished. He illustrated his talk with slides and gave us lots of information on a wide range of thyroid disorders. Everything he said was easy to understand. He engaged us all demonstating his vast knowledge of thyroid disorders,

The question and answer session which followed is always a welcome addition to any talk.

We would like to thank Dr Hammond and we look forward to the next time he comes along to speak to us all again!

Thank you all for coming to what was another successful event. I look forward to seeing you all soon and hopes that you all have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

July 2018

Another successful meeting was held on 25 July 2018. We had a full house and it was good to see old friends.

Of course, there were a lot of new faces too. Many newly diagnosed people attended who were seeking knowledge and answers for their thyroid condition.

Dr Sam Pearson, an Academic Clinical Fellow in Diabetes and Endocrinology in Leeds, gave us a very enlightening and entertaining talk. His knowledge was extensive which was proven by the Q&A session, after his presentation. As usual, questions were still being asked despite the doors having to close at 9.00pm. Dr Pearson very kindly continued his conversations outside, answering patient questions.


July 2017

Lorna Panketham was the speaker at the July meeting of the Leeds and Wharfedale group. Lorna is a former orthoptist and gave us an interesting presentation about her work. This included passing around some plastic optical lenses which showed what could happen with double vision. She then moved on to a question and answer session which was gratefully received. Everyone seems to have a question of their own which then triggered questions from others and a lively discussion followed.

Lorna's vast knowledge of thyroid eye disease seemed to interest everyone and she kindly continued the discussion outside - long after the caretaker had locked the doors to the room and gone home!

September 2016

The September meeting of the Leeds and Wharfedale Group was attended to maximum capacity. After the usual lecture hall at the school I have use many times before suddenly became unavailable - even though I believed I had a firm booking - finding a meeting place proved to be quite difficult and the Alwoodley Village Hall was a lucky find - almost at the last minute! Warm and cosy and with good facilities, it was the perfect relaxing environment.

Our speaker for the evening, Miss Sheila Fraser, Consultant in Endocrine Surgery at St James' Hospital, Leeds was inundated with questions after her initial explanations of what the thyroid was and did. Her vast knowledge and easy quiet manner put everyone
at ease as they waited their turn to be answered. Every question asked connected in some way to everyone else and their own experiences so one question led onto another and created a lively evening.

I find a lot of knowledge can be gleaned during the evening like this. It also makes folk realise that they are not alone in their experiences. Everyone has a story to tell and questions they would like answering but cannot ask of their GP due to time limits.

One lady said she had been struggling for years not knowing there were groups like the BTF. She enjoyed the support the meeting gave her and said she will certainly become a member.

September 2015

A large and appreciative audience enjoyed listening to Dr Peter Hammond when he spoke at Harrogate Ladies College on all things thyroid. This was followed by an eagerly awaited question and answer session. Beforehand tea, coffee and delicious biscuits were served which were well received and allowed folk to mingle and talk with each other as they were drinking.

A big thank you must go to Dr Peter Hammond who gave up his precious time to present an informative and entertaining lecture before answering questions from the large and welcoming audience.

Thanks must also go to Julia, Cheryl, Jan and Fiona from the BTF office who fielded questions, gave out BTF literature and sold plenty of Christmas Cards. Organiser, Caroline Fields, local co-ordinator for Leeds and Wharfedale would also like to thank helpers Ije, Enid and Cecelia, members the BTF, who served refreshments, signed folk in - and took donations to help with much needed research.

Many contacts were made between the attendees who promised to support each other.

A truly positive and worth while evening.

May 2015

This was a support group meeting and was an enjoyable evening. The main topic of conversation seemed to be hair loss which had affected many members of the group.

March 2015

The March meeting at Caroline's house went very well and, with fourteen attendees in total, a very lively meeting. Dr Bernard Ryan answered questions and there was time for a short break for refreshments before discussions amongst ourselves where people could get to know each other.

We had a coin collection which raised £25 for the BTF. Thanks to everyone for coming along and, if nothing else, I hope they all realise that people care and they are not alone with their thyroid problems. The more information we can share the stronger we can become.

November 2014

This was an informal meeting to meet and chat with others on all matters and side effects of thyroid problems.

March 2014

An informal meeting was held at Caroline's house to give those who attended a chance to discuss their concerns and share their stories in an informal setting.

October 2013

Caroline would like to thank everyone who came to Dr. Peter Hammond's Meeting at Allerton High School on the 9 October. It covered the thyroid in general, what it does and what can go wrong. It was informative, enjoyable and a great success.

Leeds meeting small


November 2012

The first meeting of the group took place at Allerton High School in North Leeds.

The first speaker was Dr Ramzi Ajjan, MRCP, MMed.Sci, PhD, Senior Lecturer/Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology at the University of Leeds and Mrs Janis Hickey, Director and Founder of the BTF.

All those who attended very much appreciated what they learned from the speakers and also the opportunity to ask Dr Ajjan questions.


Profile - Caroline Fields

Caroline Fields 2

I enjoy my role as Local Co-ordinator for the British Thyroid Foundation and have made lots of friends and acquaintances since I began several years ago.

About myself. I am a professional singer and actress and studied at Leeds College of Music gaining a degree and another with The Open University whilst on set of the BBC drama 'All Creatures Great and Small' where I played the part of Mrs. Tibbett. My career has spanned theatre, TV and film and I have appeared and worked with many great names and, am luckily, still doing so. (I have done everything from Panto to Friday Night is Music Night)

I also enjoy reading and write for various magazines. My book, 'The book of Memories' (IBNS 978-0-9926500-0-1) aimed at raising money for the famous City Varieties Music Hall in my home town of Leeds is available now!

I try not to let my thyroid condition stand in the way of my full life as a performer, writer, wife, mother and grandmother, but do sometimes feel a little lethargic. Getting our 'levels' right is not an exact science and I hope that one day, with the help of all the research the British Thyroid Foundation sponsor, we may get more advanced treatment and all feel like we did before our condition showed itself. Well, that's what I hope!

If you are not a member of the British Thyroid Foundation may I suggest that you look them up. I certainly would feel worse not having the support they give. I can give you support too and I invite you to ring me for a natter or a good moan and hopefully I can help but the specialist medical knowledge they have is well worth joining.

Speak to you soon and remember you are NOT alone. There is help if and when you need it.