Telephone Contacts

Our volunteer telephone contacts are happy to take calls on the thyroid disorders listed that they have experienced. Please note however, telephone coordinators are volunteers and although they will make every effort to be available at the times published this cannot always be guaranteed. Please do not call outside of the published times.





Underactive thyroid



01392 874517

Underactive thyroid



01642 300709 or 07901 892736

Overactive Thyroid, Thyroid Eye Disease, Radioactive Iodine Treatment and Thyroid Surgery

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 2pm to 5pm


07791 007673

Thyroid disorders in children



01943 873427

Underactive thyroid

 9am to 5pm weekdays, 10am to 5pm weekends


07939 236313

Papillary cancer of the thyroid, thyroid cancer surgery, radioactive iodine ablation



0208 735 9966

Goitre, thyroid surgery (non-cancer)



01344 621836

Papillary cancer of the thyroid, thyroid cancer surgery



01737 352536

Graves' disease, radioactive iodine treatment for overactive thyroid, thyroid eye disease, goitre, underactive thyroid



0208 7934360

Underactive thyroid



01200 429145

Thyroid eye disease, Graves' disease

After 6pm weekdays and anytime weekends


01628 529212

Underactive thyroid

 10am to 2pm Mon-Thurs


07725 726860

Thyroid cancer, radioactive iodine ablation

Monday - Thursday 9:30am - 2pm

Local Group Contacts

Our local coordinators organise meetings and those with phone numbers below will also be happy to take calls on thyroid disorders listed that they have experienced. Please only call at the listed times where specified.

Michelle - Bristol

07759 150727

Underactive thyroid


Mary - Cambridge

01223 290263

Overactive thyroid, radioactive iodine treatment for an over-active thyroid, underactive thyroid

2pm to 5pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Margaret - Edinburgh

0131 6647223

Papillary cancer of the thyroid


Caroline - Leeds (Wharfedale)

0113 288 6393

Overactive thyroid, underactive thyroid

after 10am and before 7pm

 Wilma - Milton Keynes

01908 563289

Underactive thyroid