New updated third edition now available

Designed to help patients facing a diagnosis of thyroid cancer, the third edition of the BTF's booklet: Thyroid Cancer - For Patients, By Patients is largely written and reviewed by thyroid cancer patients who have themselves been through diagnosis and treatment. 

Download the free pdf or see below to obtain a printed copy.

It includes up to date medical information and accounts of patient experiences as well as details of the low-iodine diet and a seven-day meal plan and recipes. There is also lots of practical information on issues such as medical appointments, insurance and getting back to work. A glossary of terms and a checklist of questions to ask your doctor are also incorporated.

Endorsed by the British Thyroid Association (BTA), the British Association of Endocrine and Thyroid Surgeons (BAETS), AMEND, Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust, Thyroid Cancer Support Group - Wales, Hypopara UK and the Caledonian Society for Endocrinology and Diabetes. 

‘A superb comprehensive go-to resource for thyroid cancer patients.’ Jo Grey, CEO and Chair of Trustee Board, AMEND

' is straightforward and has been written by patients who know and understand how it feels to be affected by this disease. My congratulations and thanks to BTF for this excellent booklet.' Kate Farnell, Founder/Director, Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust

'This booklet ... helps answer many of the questions that patients have, but may not feel they can ask about.' Cy Davies, Thyroid Cancer Support Group - Wales

‘This detailed and comprehensive booklet is the complete resource for patients diagnosed with thyroid cancer. It gives clear guidance at every stage of the journey to help patients gain understanding, ask the right questions, and feel more in control of their situation.'
Liz Glenister, Founder/Director, HPTH UK

TV presenter and sports journalist Clare Balding writes: 'If you’ve ever been diagnosed with thyroid cancer or suspect that you may have it, this booklet is a must-read. There is valuable information on every page. I had two lots of surgery and radioactive iodine treatment and I have barely missed a beat as far as work and life in general are concerned. I decided to attack the disease full on, never to use it as an excuse, and never to get negative about the outcome. It not only helped me to be positive but I do think it helps those around you, who can often worry more than you would. I can ... recommend reading it more than once, and perhaps getting those you love to read it too.'

‘The BTA is delighted to endorse the updated BTF patient support booklet for thyroid cancer. The information follows the recently revised and published BTA guidance for specialists. It is evident that there is a great demand for clear and accessible information for patients with thyroid cancer in what can be a complex pathway through many specialities. As health professionals it is our duty to provide consistency to patients and their families. This booklet provides the recommended highest quality standards and support that health professionals should be delivering to their patients with thyroid cancer.’ Dr Mark Vanderpump, President (2014-2017), British Thyroid Association 

'Once again the BTF have raised the bar for the quality of their patient information leaflets. This well researched and written information booklet will, I am sure, be of great benefit to patients diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The checklist of what you should discuss with your surgeon is excellent.' Mr Mark Lansdown, President (2015-2017), British Association of Endocrine and Thyroid Surgeons

Thyroid Cancer – For Patients By Patients
Third revised edition, 2017
ISBN: 978-0-9565107-1-6

Available from

The British Thyroid Foundation
Suite 12, One Sceptre House
Hornbeam Square North
Hornbeam Park

If you would like a free copy please email: with your name and full postal address or download as a pdf here. Many patients will be advised to follow a low iodine diet (LID) as part of their treatment. To find out more about the LID follow this link.