Support forum set up for Graves’ disease patients

INDIGO is an EU funded project, which is investigating the impact of the food we eat on the micro-organisms that live in our gut ('microbiome') and whether this has a role in the development of thyroid and eye disease

In April 2016 INDIGO endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, basic scientists and patient representatives met in Cardiff to review the progress of the project and decided to establish a patient forum to discuss diet etc.

The forum contains excellent information based on the personal experience of a person with TED and her success in improving her own microbiome. The forum is free to join and can be accessed via the INDIGO

You will need a basic Facebook profile if you would like to participate. You can also join via Facebook: search for ‘Indigo Blog’, and then go to ‘Groups’.

Please contact if you have any questions about accessing the site.