About the British Thyroid Foundation

The British Thyroid Foundation (BTF) was set up in 1991 and is dedicated to helping people with thyroid conditions. Our aims are to:

  • provide support for people with thyroid disorders and for their families
  • provide information to people with thyroid disorders and to the medical profession
  • establish regional support groups
  • raise funds for research

About the Evelyn Ashley Smith Award

Evelyn Ashley Smith was a member of the BTF for many years. She made this award available to improve the care provided to patients with thyroid disorders.

The BTF has funds of £1000 per annum to help cover conference/training expenses, including registration fees and/or travel costs. The value of each award is up to £500.

Who can apply?

Endocrine nurses, nurses, midwives and healthcare professionals working in the United Kingdom. Trustees of the British Thyroid Foundation may not apply for this research award.

Information about previous awards granted is available here.

How can the award be used?

  • To support training needs and travel expenses; or
  • To support conference registration fees and travel expenses

How to apply

Please complete the application form below and email it to nurse-award@btf-thyroid.org together with a high resolution passport-size photo of yourself. The photo will only be used in the event that your application is successful: we would like to include a report together with the photo on our website and in our newsletter. Please let us know in writing if you do not wish your photo to be used this way.

Additional material will not be considered.

Deciding who gets the award

A panel of the Trustees of the BTF, assisted by an Endocrine Specialist Nurse, will referee applications. We will assess your application by looking at each of the following:

  1. The relevance of the training/conference
  2. Value for money
  3. How the training/conference will benefit patients

A decision will be made by the panel based on how well the application meets the above criteria.

Conditions of the award

  • The award must only be used for the purpose set out in your application, as approved by the Trustees of the BTF. Any changes must first be agreed with the Trustees. We do not normally consider extensions.
  • The award is not transferable without the approval of the Trustees of the BTF.
  • The Trustees of the BTF have the right to withdraw the award if the funds are not used as specified in your application. You must return the award money to the BTF if the conference/training is cancelled or not re-offered within 6 months of being cancelled. You should also send a letter of explanation.
  • Your immediate supervisor will need to approve your application (see question 6 in Section B).
  • Your institution’s finance office will need to administer the award so you need to ask a Finance Officer/ Accounting officer to agree to do so (see question 7 in Section B).
  • You should acknowledge the BTF in any media coverage or publication arising from the training/conference you attended.
  • You may be invited to make a presentation at a BTF local group meeting.
  • You must provide a report and financial statement after you have attended the conference/training - see below for details.

Final report and financial statement

Your final report should be sent as soon as possible after the training or conference event has taken place. Together with your photo your report will appear in the BTF’s newsletter and website, and therefore needs to be easily understood by a lay audience. You should provide:

  • the outcome of the conference/training, and the benefits for thyroid patients

You should also provide:

  • a statement from your supervisor that you have attended the conference/completed the training described in your application.
  • a financial statement from the Finance Department of your institution confirming receipt of the award and expenditure details
  • copies of receipts associated with the expenditure

Reimbursement of actual expenditure up to the value of the award will be made when you have submitted receipts, the financial statement and a satisfactory final report.

Download the application form