The British Thyroid Foundation has put together a short sequence of films of people talking about their experiences of hyperthyroidism. We also have Patient Journey series on Thyroid Cancer and Hypothyroidism.

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Simon Pearce is Professor of Endocrinology at Newcastle University, affiliated to the Institute of Genetic Medicine. He is actively involved in research into thyroid diseases and is a past member of the British Thyroid Association and European Thyroid Association executive committees.

Peter, now aged 68, was initially diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2001. He was told he had Graves' disease and that thyroid eye disease was a distinct possibility. This soon occurred in a very virulent form, and it almost caused blindness however thankfully orbital decompressive surgery in November 2002 was totally successful.

Rae was diagnosed with Graves' disease in 1986 when she was 45. Two weeks after finding a swelling on her neck she was diagnosed and treated with radio active iodine at the Christie Hospital in Manchester. She has never had any side effects from the medication or her condition and has led a full, healthy and active life.

Camilla was just 20 years old when she was diagnosed with an aggressively over-active thyroid. After two years of treatment and medical assistance she was eventually treated with radioactive iodine. Despite many hurdles along the way, Camilla continued to stay focused and as positive as possible, enjoying work and her hobbies as well as successfully completely the London Marathon in 2014.