staff cheryl new

Cheryl McMullan – Chief Executive Officer (Operations)

staff julia new

Julia Priestley – Chief Executive Officer (Development)

staff janis

Janis Hickey – BTF Founder and Project Manager

staff beth

Bethany Frost - Clerical Assistant


Helen Dawson - Accounts Assistant


We have many volunteers, both at our head office in Harrogate and further afield. If you would like to join us visit our volunteering page.

Lorna Panketham

Lorna Pankethman

Lorna volunteers at BTF HQ one day a week. She is a retired orthoptist, having worked most recently at St James’s University Hospital in Leeds. She helps answer the many medical queries received by the BTF each week by phone, email and letter.

staff jan

Jan Ainscough

Jan has been helping out in the BTF office since 2002. She originally started by helping to pack Christmas card orders but for a long time now she has been checking the bank statements each week to make sure that the membership database is up to date.

staff angela

Angela Hammond

Angela has volunteered each week at the BTF office since 2009 and is a volunteer telephone contact. She ran a successful BTF Local Group and was also a BTF Trustee for six years.


Fiona Maxwell

Fiona helps in the office each week by doing all sorts of things that help the charity run smoothly.